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Unwritten Rules Of Kemetic Kem

Every human is a spiritual being, born of light and energy.  Each of us is a sacred expression of Divine Love.  There are many paths to the destination of re-membering our true Essence.  In this space, using ancient wisdom, we explore some of the ways these teachings continue to guide our spiritual quests in the 21st Century.



My name is Kimberly D. Bailey B.MSC

I am devoted to assisting on the journey to a spiritual awakening. An astral traveler in divine enlightenment. I also specialize in dream interpretation, meditation, creative writing, inspirational lectures, spiritual affirmations, Chakras awareness, and much more.

My aim for Kemetic Kem is to help inspire and guide you on your journey and help you to develop, grow and understand your Spiritual Gifts to awaken to your true potential.


Kemetic Spirituality

As a large portion of the world exits in poverty and reaches a comfortable and decent level of life our attention turns inward. Now that we have improved our material conditions, the human spirit naturally begins to focus on itself. We see a rich modern revival of interest in the metaphysical. In this, Kemetic spirituality and Kemetic meditation have found fertile ground in which to grow. Those who practice them, moreover, demonstrate that this ancient spiritual system is still very useful today.


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Spiritual Guidance

As a Trained Spiritual Practitioner and Metaphysical Minister with degrees in  Metaphysical studies (Master’s) and Philosophy (Doctorate), Kimberly offers special skills in facilitating self-discovery.  She uses professional ancient Kemetic techniques and her knowledge of the inner Spirit connection to lead others to the connection with their inner voices.  Kimberly believes that each individual has that which is needed inside of herself to Live, Love, Give, & Grow to be more of who she is.  It is her goal to teach others to connect with their inner Spirit so that it can lead them down a purposeful, happy, and divine path.


Find purpose and peace of mind in a time of crisis, 

through the power of meditation and self-discipline.







Explore inspiring topics that enhance your life and nourish your soul


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