Posted by Facebook App on Thursday, August 27, 2015
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Astral Blessings

Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy


Meet Kimberly D. Bailey B.MSC

Metaphysical Minister Kimberly is a native of the beautiful town of New Brunswick and her purpose in this life is to bring joy and happiness into the lives of others.


She has had a strong connection with the Spirit World from a very young age. Kimberly feels privileged to be able to work with and to be of service to those within the Spirit World, acting as a bridge between the two worlds, bringing messages of love, hope and comfort to loved ones and reassuring those grieving that we never really die, but we continue our journey onwards in the spirit world. 

In love with spiritual enlightenment and metaphysics, she is constantly using the knowledge and wisdom accumulated through intense study and direct personal experience to inspire and empower people from all over the world to create happiness, and fulfilling relationships, live on purpose, and fall in love with their unlimited and divine selves.

You learn to manifest tangible, practical results in your daily life. It's a miraculous new reality. Kimberly believes this reality is possible for everyone who’s willing to learn.

Kimberly helps you move beyond the endless cycle of needing spiritual healing and seeking. By helping you hold a higher vibration until you can sustain it yourself, you never become dependent on her for your bliss and continued life success, but claim your own inner power.

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