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There are many who seek to develop their own Spirit and enhance their spiritual gifts. Kemetic Kem offer a   range of Spiritual Services from spiritual awakening to spiritual Well-being. I offer a range of Spiritual Services from Spiritual enlightenment to meditation and dream interpretation to Chakras awareness.

As a metaphysical practitioner, I have shown thousands of men, women, and couples their path. The path which leads them to their own inner wisdom. I use ancient Kemetic techniques which have helped me to grow Spiritually.  I use my knowledge of design & creative expression, meditation & Chakras awareness, spiritual affirmations & metaphysical principles, and speaking & creative writing help my clients and followers to reach their inner wisdom.

My training in Kemetic Spirituality has taught me techniques to encourage self-exploration in my clients.  I encourage self-exploration & self-care through addressing the whole being. My Metaphysical beliefs are the basis for guiding my clients down their own Spiritual path. 

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Spiritual Enlightenment

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Dream Interpretation

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Chakras Awareness

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